Sunday, 22 May 2011

Well..had a preety successful weekend actually, managed to cause+be in my first car crash due to Aleksy driving into the front garden wall which smashed up dads van door, was only trying to reverse back on to the drive to load van to go camber haha, but i was gave the job of directing him(not the best idea)! Oh well never liked the wall anyway.

But today we went out sailing at canvey it was quite windy so was on quite small sails..i was on 3.7 and 77l! Was very over powered so managed to get wacked round the face with the boom and chip my tooth, so overall a great weekend, very chuffed with all our life changing expierences and wondering whats awaiting us throughout the week..

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

WO just had a amazing trip to rhosneiger and brandon bay and got some pretty good conditions. I went there for the BWA round 1 and 2 and mangage to win the amerchers so i am really pleased. I was using 5.3 and 4.7 simmer icon most with a 84lit quatro board and the kit felt amazing. Thank to everyone for orgnising the event and my sponsers and simmer and thank to chris from sx waltersports for taking me there cant wait for tiree and conwall and hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Megan- We have just got back from rosniger BWA comp, it was my first time entering, we went down on the friday night and got to do dry slope snowboarding which wasent the best thing to do before first competition, seeing as the last time i done it i broke my arm but this time diddn't get to damaged.. On the saturday there wasn't much wind so we went for a surf round the corner to rosniger but then headed back for breefing and still wasen't enough wind to run the comp so we went out long boarding at rosniger which was so much fun, only little waves but was very gentle and clean and caught my first green head high wave which was such a good feeling, then during saturday night in the tent we was woken up by hammering rain on our tent roof which was deathening especially for max our dog who ended upunder the sleeping bag with his head musseled in dads pillow! Then on Sunday therewas more wind and some little waves in the bay which was good fun, done a couple of jumps and front side wave riding, but unfortuantly diddn't get as much done in my heat as i hoped i would, it was 12 min heats which flew by on the water, then the comp got posponed on leckys heat as the wind dropped but we went out free sailing and then the wind started to pick up but unfortuantly i got stuck in the rip on the inside for about an hour so by the time i got in was to knackered to go out and finish my other two heats, so left with coming 3rd! But overall it was a great weekend getting to sail with women in my heat which i dont get to do often. Just can't wait to do my next comp at gwithians in october!