Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Sail

today i try my new 5.3 simmer black tip and it felt great really light and stable and u can controle the power really well cant wait to used it again.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This weekend we went down to shoreham it was 3.7 weather for me and 4.7 weather for everyone else with a small wave board, when we first went out there was a little shore dump but once you was out it was good for freestyle, i had a night mare day on my second run i done a jump and hurt my knee so lacked confidence for the rest of the session so diddn't sail much for the rest of it but aleksy had an alright sail pulling
of some back loops forwards and and went for some shakka attempts so it was a pretty good day.

Monday i sailed the ray i was on a 4.2 and and 105lit freesty
le board it was a pretty good but it was a really big tide so the ray was really small and really shallow but it was really flat so really good for freestyle so had a really good session.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A few pics taken by nathen of a fun day at hells gate in Ireland!

Been out today on a custom made 2.5 sail by Rob Jones at canvey, the sail felt amazing it was so powerful and light, in the gusts i was really overpowered so next time will use the 45l board with it aswell to complete the package! Can't wait for the winter to get some more 2.5 sessions, maybe even smaller?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Right so this summer has been amazing we went to ireland had loads of little road trips and went to Hayling Island :D. So we went to ireland for 2 weeks at the begining of Augest we had 1 day of really good surf on the last day it was like head and a half and pretty clean and i ended up buying a new surfboard so was really happy that i got to used it in really good condition, we had a couple of light off shore wave riding days which was good fun but pretty hard.

When we come back, we had my dads retirement do which was pretty good fun and then this weekend just gone we when to NWF and i ented the freestyle and had a go on tow in windsurfing but i could do any moves off it hahaha o well it was really good fun, then on the sunday the wind kicked in and had the freestyle comp it was really fun but dident mangage to get in to the final but it was really good to whach all the pros doing all the new air fresstyle tricks.

I got to borrow of ben proffit the new 2012 5.6 black tip it felt really nice and light and really power ful and stable and the sails look really good with really cool coulours so was a really good event.

This week look really good with loads of wind and swell so cant wait so think im going to head somwere down the south coast tommorow.