Sunday, 16 January 2011

megan- yesterday and today we went out sailing at canvey. Yesterday it was about 30mph i was on a 3.3 and 70l board. I was fully powered up the whole time, it was quite cold but so much fun, there was loads of people out including our local shop sx came down and sailed with us to. Today there was loads of sailers out aswell, it was like summer, warm windy and sunny and water wasen't as cold as it has been so was overall a really good weekend of sailing, can't wait for the summer now!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Yesterday we went out sailing at Canvey, It was quite warm apart from our hands got freezing!
It was about 20mph gusting 30mph. Megan pulled of some calve gybes and there was some swell out in the middle so was really fun wave riding+jumping, a
nd lex pulled of some forwards, spocs&volcuns. Lex was trying out his new simmer sails he said 'They felt absoloutly amazing! Really powerful and stable, and really light in the hands! I'm well chuffed with them!'
So overall it was a good sail and great to get out again as we haven't been out in ages!