Thursday, 30 June 2011

Last weekend i also went windsurfing again, but we went down camber this time with some of our friends from canvey, it was light winds when we first got there so was out on a 4.1 but then picked up towards the end so was comfortably powered up, there was some good ramps out the back and some nice little waves on the inside that was good for riding.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

This weekend me dad and nathan when down to camber sands and the conditions were amazing i was on a 4.2 and 84lit mentle over powed and dad and nath were on the same siz there was a couple of nice ramps out there. i had a great day cant wait for the next one.

Monday, 6 June 2011


On Friday we went sailing down at the point, it was great fun because it was very hot and sunny and was about 25mph so was great fun for
just blasting around, and had a couple of good ramps for jumping which i managed to do without looking, also pulled of some calve gybes.Then on Saturday we had to rebuild the front garden wall that some
how got knocked down? haha! Then about 4.00
we went sailing again down at the point, it was about 25m
ph again and had fairly big swell out in
the middle so was great fun jumping and gybing in the swell, then came back and jumped straight in the hot tub:)!Then on Sunday we went down to pegwall but unfortuantly when we got there the wind had died of with the rain so went to check out the surf at joss bay but it was over head and packed and messy so i decided to give it a miss but dad and aleksy went out and dad caught one of the best waves he had ever rode and nearly managed to run over some locals out on the water..typical! Aleksy got some good waves in aswell and me and max went for a
nice walk..haha! So overall had a good weekend!