Saturday, 27 November 2010

We found some old funny footage of our early years of windsurfing today so put a couple of clips together to form a short little check this out...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

i have now got a new sponcer for sails im on simmer sails i havent had a chance to used them yet because there been now wind but they look soo cool and look like there going to fell really nice out on the water. i have got a 5.3 icon and a 4.7 and a 3.7 right and will be getting the other soon. i am getting the sails of out local shop and farrle from
so hope ful i will be able to get out on the water this week end and try them out :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

so this weekend i went up to south west wales for the BWA Welsh competition The forecast was looking really good so everyone was really up for it when we got up in the morning there was about 10 mph of wind and a 4 foot mush swell and bang on shore. we went to breathing
at half 8 and they said when the tide drops the waves will get better and the wind should be picking up and said they are going to do an expression session to see what everyone can do. I went out on my 5.7 and 105lit and dident get planing so just tricked around really and then after the expression they call it off untill 12 and by then the wind had drop even more so me and tom Bennett went out for a surf and got a couple of nice waves and then dad come out and joined us and after that we pack everything up and we went around to new gale for another surf. me and tom went out and we spent a couple of hour packing so it was a bit rubbish but still nice to get out there. The next day there was no wind but a bit of swell left so we had a little prize giving at at the cafe and i ended up winning the amateurs and won a harness so was pretty happy and then after that we went back round to new gale and had a good surf they are going to hold the event again on the next good forecast so hope full i can make that too. and that fro jim from pura vida and buck and luise

Monday, 1 November 2010

so i have been down to conwall for the BWA wave computition at gwithans and we had some amazing condition. so i went down there with chris from and nathan come down the next day. on the first day we sailed it was like mast hight to mast and a half i was on a 3.7 and 68lit and chris was on a 4.2 we whach steve thope for a while and he was sailing amazing caching some massive waves and getting some big airels. we hated to wait for a bit for the tid to go out so we could rig up and it was one of the best sails i have had this year and i had a couple of good swims and the after a couple of hour the wiind went on shor and drop a bit so we pack up and went down to the bluff and by the time we gt on the water there there was no wind. the next day was the first day of compution and there went much wind but the waves were there still but quit a bit smaller but it was pretty clean i was on a 5m and my 84lit it was the first day of compution for the youth and master and the ladies and amerter and i was in the youth so i was in the first heat and because the went lods of youth there was only 1 heat for us and then we could free sali for the rest of the day. after sailing most of the day the wind started to drop of so i went out for a surf it was pretty good i went out with nathan and duncan comes son jack who was 10 and was caching some pretty big waves and ripping them up so that was cool to see. the next day was prize giving and i end up winning the youth over all this year with gorge from the island of weight coming secon so were had a great time this weekend and had some great condition.