Monday, 30 August 2010

Brandon Bay Ireland/2010

Megan:'Just got back from ireland, it was awesome, got some really good surf, and a couple of good days cross off wave sailing, where i got to work on my front side riding!:) The weather was good, conditions were good, unbelievable for ireland (well the weather part!) I went out to Hells gate for my 1st time, which was scary, seeing as dad and aleksy made me sail out from schrogon, 'if you can sail out to it then your good enough to sail it!' all they kept saying to me! Its amazing out there, like your abroad, with the sun and the tourquize water! On the last day, Jamie knox took us out to the irelands out at sea, was an amazing expierence, cant wait to go back next year!'

Aleksy :right so i have just got back from irelnd and we had an amazing time and had lode of great conditions got to sai with out friends out there like rob jones and dad and megan and Nathen and some others, cant wait to go back next year.