Thursday, 1 April 2010

Megan Forward attempt:
Megan Jump:
On saturday we went down to Camber and had a great session, was about 20mph picking up to 25's in gust, about 2-3 foot waves and great fun! We went down with a couple of guys from our local spot canvey and for a couple of them it was there 1st time in waves, so was great to get out there with them!

Megan: Saturday was great fun, even got to attempt to go for some forwards, but seeing as i have picked up my dad's techniuqes looks like ive got a long way to go before i get them, haha! We go Ireland/brandon bay on saturday for 2 weeks so hopefully might pull some off there and work on my front side wave riding and jumps!

Aleksy: went down to camber sanders on satday great fun was on a 5m and my new 84lit qutro twin fin i loved it. it went that big it was like 3 foot and onshor so the waves did have that much power but it was a good day anyway :).

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