Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas

So we have had a couple of good waves session and freestyle session. We had one really good jumping session at big bay fully over powed on 4.2 with some nice size waves coming throw which I manage to cut my head open when miss timing a top turn and got the boom in the face haha. We had a good jumping session yeastday on Christmas day it was a bit light and pretty small but still was really good fun and then had a really nice BBQ for dinner. Last thing hope everyone had a really good Xmas.
Thanks to Debbie Kennedy for taking the pics

Thursday, 15 December 2011

yeastday I had a really good session at the kiter beach in front of the ship wreck it was like logo hight with the odd mast hight set coming in but it was pretty light. I was really under power on a 4.7 which went so good but when you got on the waves it was good fun.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Right so the last few days we have had some pretty good surf at big bay and some amazing sails at sunsets and big bay, the first session at sun set was the best it was mast hight side off and on 4.7 so was really good fun it was great to see bubble doing some nice aerial of the big waves out the back. from there we had a nought good sail and big bay well powed up on 4.2 for some nice jumping and riding. yeastday we don it all we had a surf in the morning at big bay then a good freestyle session at the lake and then a really good jumping session at sunset we did get out the water till it got dark which was a bit scary because the shark haha. hopeful I will have some pics to come so you can see what the condition have been like.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cape Town

Right so im her it Cape Town it a pretty cool place and all the people seem pretty friendly.
had a pretty good surf yeastday it was like shoulder hight so that was really good fun, the forecast is showing the wind is going to be her tomorrow with a pretty big swell so i cant wait, her is a pic of our view from were we are staying it pretty nice.