Monday, 25 October 2010

So yesterday we went down to great yarmouth.. On the way down we stopped for petrol when we was half way there and as dad went in to pay for the petrol he realised he forgot the wallet and left it sitting beside his bed at home so he haveted to call mum and get her to pay over the phone so clever daddy gave all his card detials out to the whole of great yarmouth nice once we had sorted the 1st dilema out of the day we got back in the car and continued realising that we had no money to get food or anything all day exept one pound! so we carried on driving for a while then checked out scratby it was looking well good when we 1st got down there but lex+dad wanted to go check out californias first but it wasent looking that great there so we headed back to scratby and took max for a walk and all decided that it wasent looking great and was all freezing and starving so as we went back to the car a rossis ice cream van decided to park itself next to us,tempting! haha! we carried on driving round trying to find surf, we went to check out a windsurfing break (without any kit!) and i fell off the wall into dogs poo, Nice one Megan! so we decided to start heading back through the strange dead end roads, then we finally found a cool spot called Lowersoft, by this time it was about 5 o clock, so we was all getting very hungry by now and just our luck there was a KFC+fish and chips to the left of us and two the right we had a MC DONALDS so we had amazing smeelllss heading our wayyy! but we all decided to go get wet considering dad drove around for about 5 houres (mise as well gone scotland or somewhere!!) i got freezing within the 1st 10 minss so i got out and took pictures of the boys instead! Turns out the boys said it was one of the best surfs they've had in our part of the country so the day ended on a high note after all! so we all rushed home to a nice roast dinner 'NOICEEEE'!

So below we have aleksy's amazing photography of moving cars! he diddnt quite understand that your not meant to follow the car when taking the pic!

^That's true love right there for ya!

The daddy style!(arms!)

Daddy arm style!

Not the nicest of things to photograph!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dad went out for a lightwind sail today and at the end maxy swam out and climbed up on the board so we started to push him in on some tiny waves haha he loved it kept going back for more!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

so went down to st mary bay today with megan dad and chris and mike from and sam and pete darkink. so when we first got down there it was raining and there was no wind and no waves so we wated there for about half an hour and the sun came out and the wind started to kick in so i went out on a 5m and 105 and then after a while it got to much for that so i put the 84 lit on and that was a lot better everyone was ripping and the the wind was there and the waves were there so it turned out to be a pretty good day.

16/10/10 St Mary's Bay..

Megan:'Today we went down to St Mary's bay with Dad,Lex,Nathen, chris+mike from sx, Emma,Sam+Pete darkin..Was a really fun session despite the fact dad forced me to wear an ORANGE HELMET..! Was about 25mph with windy gusts, was on 4,1 and 85l until dad came and stole it off me: then went on to 77l..haha! Was great for jumping, and riding. Was also sunny with a rainbow so RESULT!:)

Keep checking out My Dad's blog for recent paintings and updates and feel free to email him for any questions or queries..hes made our dream come true, we owe him and mum alot!
The Daddy Forward!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

right so yestday i was working with my uncle in dagneham doing building and on the way home dad called and said the is a bit of wind down the point at canvey we sailed with duncan from boardseekers and steve and dad i was on a 5m and a 84 twin fin it was really up and down and was swinging off shor some times but great getting out on the water and it is still pretyty warm so it all good i thenk im going conwal in a couple of week with chris from sx water sports for the computitin so should be good.

Monday, 4 October 2010

so sunday we went down to st marys bay with nath megan and dad i was on a 5m and a 84 lit twinfin i was powed up all day some times over powed it was about 3 to 4 foot and swinging cross off some times. Went for some stalled forwards and back loop and wave riding it raind all day and then when we went to pack up it pord down :( so we haded to go to the toilet to get changed but it was a great day and look like there a ok forcat for next week end so i will hopeful get out nex week end.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

'Megan':Right so went to st mary's bay today, was about 20-25mph, was on 4.1 and 77l, bit over powered, but still great fun! Was practising getting higher on jumps, Dad gota few pics, but was very hard considering it was pouring down with very wet and heavy rain, and he was sitting underneath the sail haha! Great day tho, can't wait to go again! Conditions looking good for next week, so fingers crossed it stays!:)